Hello again

Sorry for the lack of posts- but I’d like to mention that I’m building a dalek.

You heard me. But I’m not talking about the ten inch tiny little daleks that threaten to exterminate mice. We’re talking full scale. Like, up-to-your-eyes-unless-you-count-the-lights full scale. I’ll be posting videos of its progress. I won’t post much else from here on out, probably until she’s done. By the way, can you help me pick a name for her? Yes, it’s a female dalek. If you ask me, they’re MORE filled with hatred. No offense to females, I mean like the hatrid-filled females. When they are, they’re worse. So female threatening Dalek-y name. Post in the comments.

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Hey everyone!

Who wants a challenge?

Here’s one: Give me ideas for a cartoon. I cant make cartoons very well though, so try to make it… simple. Like, not one that will be like, ten minutes long. The best I can do is put it into a loop, like I did with Rocketguy, but if it’s something that has a plot, like Charlie the Unicorn, it might take a while. (One as long as ASDFmovie might take a few months!)

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Where’s the Evil Jawa!?

He’s just gone! Either he can respond, or we can INVESTIGATE… again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????????????

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Jahnke Yoda Head

You can ask my Van Jankhe Yoda Head questions!

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Wait, please…

So you all know about the story I’m writing. The one with Kellen’s Yoda. We have ONE problem: It doesn’t have a cover star. So whichever contributor of mine can send a pic of the best custom Yoda design and cover, that will be the cover star. Send instructions, so I can recreate the cover on my chalkboard.

Peace! <(-_-)> “Hrm, send cover, you must.”

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The Force Awakens

My god, I haven’t touched this website in a thousand years and a day. I assume none of you have either, but I’m curious to hear all of your thoughts on the force awakens. Most people loved the movie to death, but there are quite a few who HATED it. What did you think?

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Check out this website I made for a thing

This website is the official website for Portal 2 in Minecraft (at least, my take of it.)
So here it is! Go look at it!

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Look at this. No seriously.


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Well hello everybody. I am Morgan Freeman.

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Do any of you guys have youtube channels? I do! If you have one, post the link in the comments. Mine is:


-SF Xarl

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Cool minecraft server

It’s really cool.

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Minecraft Tardis

Minecraft Tardis

It looks like the Classic Tardis, although when I started I was aiming for a 2005-ish look.

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Doctor Who Game- Run away from Daleks and Flip levers


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The number two reason I love Gmod so much


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